Hidden Hotel is an adventure based and considered by lots of individuals all over the world. Here, everyone needs to make sure that they are putting efforts in the perfect manner or not. In-game progress or success is completely based on the efforts of the players. In case you are putting efforts perfectly then you may face some issues. All interested ones want to get complete information about the method of playing. Now I’m going to mention some major tips and tricks.

1. Check out events

There are different types of events organized by the system. All these events are providing lots of benefits and major elements. You should not forget to take part in these events and gather rewards.

2. Consume complete energy

If you are going to complete 1 day on the basis of game then you should make sure that you are consuming complete energy. In case you are having less energy points then you should wait for the replenishing and fill it first.

3. Take a look

Before start gathering objects, you should be focused on the surroundings. It can assist you in getting solution to numerous doubts. If you spot the things in the beginning then you can avoid confusion from the middle of level. It will help you in saving time and building a high score.

4. Collect lots of objects

While playing it, all gamers are trying to make sure that they are choosing the best option for getting success or not. Mainly the interested ones should be focused on the collection of objects. As more objects you are going to get, higher score you can easily build.

5. Read story

The individuals those are interested in getting lots of entertainment they should be focused on the story. The story can help you in getting complete details about the game and sorting various types of issues easily. In the story, you can easily get introduced to various factors related to the game and essential factors.

6. Replay levels

When you are going to complete a level then you will get some rewards or points. Everyone wants to get the maximum possible points here. Mostly, the interested ones are not able to achieve such objective quickly. In case you are facing similar kind of issue then you should try to replay the level. It will consume lots of energy.

7. Focus on energy

Energy is an essential and everyone should try to save it quickly. In case anyone does not capable of making thing these types of factors easier then he/she may face issues. Lack of energy will restrict the players and they are not able to perform such kind of activities. Here, everyone needs to make sure that they are utilizing the energy completely.

8. Finish the tasks

If you are going to play the Hidden Hotel hacks then you can see different types of tasks there. All these tasks are associated with lots of factors such as – rewards, XP and so on. Now the question appears how you are completing these. In case you are completing tasks quickly then you are able to do progress without any kind of barriers.